Casual Fine Dining

For many people, fine dining is something you can only afford to do once every so often. Something expensive and intimidating.

For others, casual dining is the stuff you eat because it's there and you just want to go out. Something inexpensive but very basic.

Our concept of Casual Fine Dining is great food at a great price. Something you can afford to do often without compromising the quality or taste of the food that is being served to you.

In the last 7 years, we have never cut corners on the freshness or quality of our menu, yet have not increased our prices.

We are chef driven, farm to table, mostly organic, but we understand going out is not necessarily about the restaurant: it's about you, your experience, your satisfaction.

At the Chef and the Frog, we thrive to do just one thing: serve you great food and give you excellent service, and make sure you come back often.