Press Coverage

Tabor-Loris Tribune 03/25/2011

Tabor City, NC and its twin city of Loris, SC are about 25 to 30 minutes from Whiteville. Here's what they had to say: 

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Fayetteville Observer 10/14/2010

Here's the coverage we got from Fayetteville, NC: 


The News Reporter 9/18/2010

The local paper lost no time in covering our new place.
Read what they said by clicking on the following link:

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Southern Living 2008

While still living and operating in Georgia, the Chef was interviewed by Southern Living. The result was a beautiful 3-page spread in their August 2008 issue.

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Warm, inviting atmosphere with a twist of elegance & great taste from this...
The small, rural town of Whiteville, NC is home to a notable French-style...
We are truly fortunate to have a restaurant of this quality in our little town...

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