About Us

Once upon a time, while living in Paris, France, a Cambodian princess met a frog.

It was definitely not love at first sight, but the frog was very insistent.

He kept saying "Kiss me, kiss me." over and over (it is true frogs can be very annoying, especially the ones from France).

One day, the princess thought: "If I kiss this frog, it might turn into a nice prince. I could love a prince. I love shoes more, but a prince could buy me shoes. Lots of shoes. Maybe some shoes with diamonds or gold buckles, or red soles."

So she picked up the frog...

...And she kissed the frog..."

...And she became a wonderful chef!"

Cooking became her passion: everything she touched tasted wonderful

Using only the freshest ingredients from the surrounding farms, fresh vegetables and fruit, fresh fish and seafood, and mostly locally grown products (such as Mr. Rossi's Pecans or Mr. Wooten's sweet potatoes), there was nothing she couldn't make or bake.

People came from afar to try her food, and she became renown in the whole entire kingdom for how wonderful she made people feel when they ate her food.

As she could cook anything she liked (except for frog legs!), they lived happily ever after

The Chef and the Frog, where magic happens in the kitchen every night...
Sokun Slama, Chef

Our Staff